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Cowgirl/HucowApocalypse - The Text Based Adventure RPG.

A Transformation themed Text based CYOA(Choose your own adventure) Game.

The world has been plunged into milky doom, cities falling under the tide of these sudden waves of changed humans as their bodies are forcibly altered and brains dulled into horny, milk laden "Changed".

Your city is one of the first affected and as such is quickly quarantined.Information is withheld, your communication cut off from the world as the city is consumed by the  hordes of 'changed'. The army is not allowing anyone to enter or leave and they will forcibly enter in 20 days. You must survive or escape before that. But what will await you?

And can you escape before you become one of them?


  • 13 Endings.
  • 18 Encounters.
  • Stat system and rolling.
  • Cowgirls/Hucows.
  • Herms.
  • Udders.
  • Lots of them.
  • Lots of Milk and lactation.
  • No dead ends!


Alpha 0.1.61

  • Fixed various bugs and errors.
  • Refactored Code
  • Added the ability to fail the mundane Park Encounter.

Alpha 0.1.6

  • Added new Park Location
  • 1 Main encounter and 1 repeatable encounter added to the Park (More encounters to come) giving substantial amounts of food.

Alpha 0.1.51

  • Fixed Office Button not loading.

Alpha 0.1.5

  • Proof reading of pretty much everything (Thanks to SkiesofSilver on FA for proof reading! Check out her FA page here. Once again.
  • Little error fixes here and there.
  • New Stuff coming soon, not that cobwebs have been dusted and shelves de-moo'd

Alpha 0.1.4

  • Proof reading of the endings (Thanks to SkiesofSilver on FA for proof reading! Check out her FA page here.
  • Little error fixes here and there.

Alpha 0.1.32

  • Fixed End game loss event(Hopefully).
  • Added experimental Linux version.

Alpha 0.1.31

  • Fixed end of game text.

Alpha 0.1.3

  • Added 3 new Enemies, each with their own infection path, win/loss text and ending.
  • Infection path is determined by the first loss to any enemy (If you get infected without losing to an enemy you get the standard)
  • Added "Submit" button to combat. You lose the battle instantly.
  • Fix a few typo's (But likely added more with the new text) more will constantly be being fixed.
  • Removed Ending Panel as refactoring caused it to break. 
  • Added Herm and Udder Kink selection on main screen.

Alpha 0.1.2

  • Added Mac Version? I think? I don't have a mac to test it... So good luck.
  • Fixed End combat button in all encounters I could find.
  • Moved Character button to the top bar to be accessible at all times.
  • Re-scaled the UI to be more friendly to wider screens.(More UI changes will come constantly)
  • Made all sure all texts should scale.
  • Reduced the size of most text in general.
  • Fixed scrolling issues.
  • Fixed New game not actually making a new game.
  • Added mode selection (Temporary fix. Will improved the look later.)
  • Must now enter a name to create character (You can still gimp your stats if you want)
  • Fixed a few typo's, spelling mistakes and grammar issues.

Alpha 0.1.1

  • Fixed End combat button in end game encounter.(I believe this is the one everyone was having. if not please screenshot it for me. I could only find this one when testing).
  • Moved character page button to permanent top banner.
  • Fixed a couple typo's.
  • You now must enter a name to create a character (you can still gimp your stats if you want. Be warned)

Alpha 0.1.0

  • Public release
  • Various error fixes, typo's and the like
  • Two new endings.
  • Separated into two forms (Hucow Apocalypse and Cowgirl Apocalypse)

Alpha 0.0.10

  • Bug fixes.

Alpha 0.0.9

  • Bug fixes and first official version posted.

Alpha 0.0.4

  • Added Final Encounters
  • Added Endings Panel
  • Changed Starting stat points to 4 (from 5).


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